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FNAF World is an indoor video game which was designed by Scott Cawthon. It is the first official outgrowth to the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. On 21 January 2016, this game was launched by Microsoft Windows with unfinished gameplay and a large number of errors. This game was updated on 8 February 2016. This game is free on Game Jolt.

How FNaF World Game Works?
FNaF World game contains two modes: Adventure and Fixed Party. It has also two challenging levels, Normal and Hard, from which the player has to choose. The player begins playing by the selecting two parties. Each party consist of four characters. As the player starts playing, they can gather more characters in their party. This game also provides a protector which is known as Fred bear, who guide the player. The gameplay also provides access to new areas. The new Version 1.2 which was released in May 2016 was redesigned into fully animated 3D style. Throughout the game, various enemy characters can be found which can be battled with. After beating the enemy in the FNaF World Download Game, the player will achieve extra points, which is used to purchase chips and bytes to help the player.

Each character has an energy bar on it. When a new level starts then the energies of all characters will be filled. Three commands are given from which the player has to select one for action.

The position of player will be on the right-hand side and his enemies will be on the left-hand side in the game. Each character has an HP meter which shows the energy of character. After a turn, the player has to wait until the next turn starts.

The Halloween Update have eight new characters in which four mini-games, a new boss and many more are included.

FNaF World Download Latest Version Free
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